Science, knowledge and technology are all socially constructed. However, despite their mutual independence, especially in modern sciences and technologies, they are distinct entities. Science and knowledge respond to our cognitive needs. Technologies serve two other functions. Some respond to our non-cognitive needs and others function, as instruments to facilitate our cognitive pursuits. RGS provides a consultancy platform to promote life sciences and promote research in Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive science (NBIC). Each of these sub-sets are independently important and unique but together they provide a holistic scientific field that will impact everyday human life in the years to come.

“N” is because organic structures develop from the nanoscale. ”B” involves the application of advanced technology to biological organisms. “I” represents a specific sector and methodology of these types of applications.
And “C” applies in various ways to IT-related research and the pursuit of items such as technologies that map the brain.